Curly-Coated Retrievers

Our dogs have proved to be some of the most successful Curly-Coated Retrievers in the U.S. 

A lot of people who have just discovered this great breed don't know about our dogs. Odds are if you have a curly coat bred in the U.S., there are one or many of my dogs in your curly's ancestry.

 Just some of the notable curlies bred by us or produced by our dogs:

"Rhino", the first and only QAA curly. And the first curly to win an AKC field trial stake since the 1940's.

"Jade", the first MH female and the first curly to pass a Master National. 

The first litter to produce more than one Master Hunter was sired by my dog 'Bob'. 

The first littermates to produce Master Hunters were Bob and Chippy, bred by me.

Chippy was the first curly coated retriever upland pheasant tournament field trial champion. 

"Tempest", the top winning show bitch in history, 5 time national specialty BIS, 127 group placements, 7 time Westminster BOB winner.

"Gilligan", AKC BIS in his 11th show ever at 21 months of age, multi-group placer, Best In Sweeps national specialty, primo hunting dog.

"Teddy", BISS at the first licensed CCRCA national specialty, group winner/placer, great producer.

"Crash", AKC group winner, astounding moving liver dog. One speed dog: ZOOM! 

We are most proud of the many, many Ptarmigan curly-coated retrievers who are beloved family companions or thrill in the hunting meadows and marshes. 

Several significant U.S. breeders used Ptarmigan dogs for their bloodline foundations.

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