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The Curly Coated Retriever Club of America was started when a curly owner/breeder began writing a column in the American Kennel Club's magazine, the AKC Gazette. The magazine used to be published monthly but now is available only online. What follows is part of a column published in the magazine in 1979. 

With this issue, editorship of the CCR column passes into new hands. Perhaps a review of the history and purpose of the column is in order. Kathy Day (now Mrs. Michael Tucker) initiated the column in the June 1977 issue, primarily for the purpose of uniting CCR fanciers in the common interest of forming a club. Then in Dec. 1978, Kathy mailed to all known CCR owners a Newsletter under the rubric "Curly Coated Retriever Club," although admittedly the club existed only in the hopes of several and lacked any formalized structure. Immediate, positive reader response to both her projects confirmed that Kathy had correctly sensed a rising energy and felt need among owners and exhibitors all over the country for contact, communication and cooperation in a unified direction.
Kathy's two year effort culminated in an impressive gathering of 30 dogs and accompanying people at the International K.C. of Chicago show April 1, 1979. In fact, of the over 35 owners who have shown a Curly more than once at A.K.C. shows anywhere in the U.S. during the preceding 2.5 years, all but about five ewre present or represented. An exciting turnout and remarkable demonstration of commitment.
Kathy plans a complete report of the show for the Newsletter but I must thank everyone responsible for the beautiful array of silver trophies, books and handmade Curly motif items awarded after the judging. What fun to take home a prize with your ribbons for a change.
Plans for the Club
The group at Chicago then constituted itself as a Steering Committee and began organizing the work necessary to create a formal national breed club. Presently, membership on the Committee is open to any interested person. I will assume, unless notified to the contrary, that everyone now on the Newsletter mailing list is a member of the Steering Committee. If you are not on the mailing list, send me your name and address.
With this step the future of the CCR stands at a crossroad. Dale Detweiler, longtime Curly owners and dean of Curly breeders in this country, asks pointedly, "What do you expect the Club to accomplish in the best interest of the breed? This should be paramount in consideration..." I agree, and hope that each of you will give a great deal of in depth though about the goals and consequences of a club, what our objectives should be for the protection and betterment of the breed, and how they can be attained...
Author: Marillyn J. Caldwell, who bred curly coated retrievers under the Sevenravens prefix
Source: AKC Gazette, July 1979
Planet Curly Editor's Note: Kathy Day is now Kathy Kail. 
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Club History from the AKC Gazette magazine, 1979

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